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Selling…in the money


This book is about creating opportunities to allow people to buy something from you which will help them.   Bruce Simpson, former President of FedEx Custom Critical,  liked people and liked helping them even more.   He is the quintessential salesman.

His mission was to allow his customers to be ‘delighted’ with the benefits his company delivered to them.   Keeping them delighted, he believed, would allow his customers to feel good about buying his service.   And that, kept them coming back and made his company hugely successful.


The book will help your students understand how to delight prospects into becoming loyal customers.   They’ll get a good handle on the sales process and how to make it work for them. After reading the book, they’ll better understand how to sell, professionally.


For Release in December 2016

Table of Contents

Chapter One – The Sales Cycle

Chapter Two – Prospecting Techniques

Chapter Three – The Sales Call

Chapter Four – Customer Development

Chapter Five – Successful Closing Strategies

Chapter Six – Strategies For Effective Listening

Chapter Seven – Handling Objections

Chapter Eight – Managing Customer Conflict

Chapter Nine – Inbound and Outbound Marketing

Chapter Ten – Effective Sales Presentations

Chapter Eleven – The Sales Plan


Thank you for your interest in my book.