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Getting Under the Hood of an Annual Report levels the playing field between the people who need to understand a public company’s annual report and the people who write annual reports. A variety of people with diverse interests read annual reports. Often, the people reading the annual report find it difficult to understand and intimidating. Generally, people reading an annual report are interested in either creating or maintaining a relationship with a public company. They might be prospective employees, creditors, vendors, or investors. They might also be people with a special interest in the company, such as stockbrokers, competitors or regulators. All of these people have a vital need to understand the past and present performance and operation of the public company. They also need a way to reasonably assess the future performance of the company.

This book helps people reading annual reports get the information they need to make more informed opinions about public companies. It gives them the tools to more effectively overcome the agendas of the people writing the annual reports. After reading this book, someone analyzing the annual report of a public company should better informed to buy, hold, or stay away from the public company.

Getting Under the Hood of an Annual Report comes with The Big Calculating Tool, an Excel-based tool that walks you through the generation, analysis, and visual display of important financial ratios. Not only does The Big Calculating Tool crunch the numbers for you, it also displays the data with built-in line and bar charts. You will quickly see and identify the important financial trends