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Getting Under the Hood of an Annual Report


A step-by-step financial analysis e-Text.  So easy to read, it engages and motivates students .


Public company financial reports are filled with vital information for investors. The SEC makes public companies disclose all their material information. However, there is no SEC rule for making the reports easy to read. Often, the reports seemed to be written in a foreign language. Wall Street Pros use language busting tools to make the reports easy to understand.


This book will help you level the playing field with the pros. The book includes the tools the pros use. It’s written in everyday language and filled with valuable classroom takeaways.

Your students will:

  • complete the project in 8 or 16 week semesters.
  • be more engaged and ramp up their critical thinking
  • know which numbers are important for their company and why

Getting Under the Hood, is written by an author with experience writing financial reports for a public company. It’s filled with video links to subject matter experts that make it easy. You’ll find everything you need to fully understand the financial condition of any public company. Accompanying the book is The Big Calculating Tool. Generating the 40 standard financial ratios couldn’t be easier or faster. It automatically generates the ratios and trends without the clerical effort.   Adopting this book will make your class preparation easier. A robust Instructor Resource includes a Feedback Guide, professionally prepared PowerPoint slide deck and a thorough test bank. Quickly copy and paste comprehensive feedback into Student plans. The Feedback Guide will help you easily give wall-to-wall feedback while dramatically cutting your grading time.

Adopt this valuable book and your Students will remember you for the powerful takeaways you gave them.


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