Books for Financial Freedom

Donald A. Bittar

Donald Bittar


•  2017 e-Lit Award Winner

2013 Teacher of the Year, Bisk College of Business, Florida Institute of Technology

CFO and board member for First Choice HealthCare Solutions, a public company.

Management consultant for Fortune 500 companies and banks.

Founder and former CEO of Marine Telephone, Inc, the largest independent marine telephone network.

Former member of the New York Mercantile Exchange, with offices at 52 Wall Street, NYC.



Donald is passionate about education. His books are about building financial freedom. These exciting books are packed with his boots-on-the-ground, Fortune 500 experience. Donald’s books engage and motivate students at leading universities. They are filled with the great takeaways students use on the job. They motivate students to be the best they can be.



Free Copy for Educators




Free Copy for Educators






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