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Help Your Clients Build a Cash-Cow Business Plan


This book will show your Clients they can build a money-making business plan for their own cash-cow. It can help them build their financial freedom.

They can use this book to write an actionable business plan, jump start their business and keep the cash flowing. Easy to understand, everyday language makes this book different. They’ll like the difference. It’ll take them step-by-step, using the unique techniques Bittar has developed writing successful business plans for over 30 years.



        • Step 1: What You Are Selling
        • Step 2: Market Analysis and Revenue Forecast
        • Step 3: Strategy and Implementation
        • Step 4: Company Resources
        • Step 5: Financial Statements
        • Step 6: Introduction and Overview

The secret ingredients in his book are the 7 Excel business modeling tools he developed working with his Fortune 500 clients. They’ll let your Clients try ideas on paper, first before spending any money. They can keep tweaking the business on paper until it looks like a money-making winner.

          1. Who is the average customer
          2. What is the customer value and competitive advantage
          3. How big is the target market and revenue forecast
          4. Strengths, weaknesses opportunities and threats for the business
          5. Personnel planning
          6. Start-up capital and financial statements
          7. What are the implementation milestones


This valuable book is packed with unique money-making insights and videos. Your Clients will appreciate your recommendation to use the book.



Donald Bittar


Donald Bittar is a CFO and Teacher of the Year who has written successful business plans for companies. Donald’s e-Books are published by Trunity. His full featured, interactive, digital business books are used by leading universities and business people nationwide.

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